5 Questions for Dr. Sebastian Papst,
Managing Director of Airport Weeze, Flughafen Niederrhein GmbH


Hello Dr. Papst,
You are the managing director of Airport Weeze, Flughafen Niederrhein GmbH. Airport Weeze has been working together for some time now with the Group of companies Textilreinigung ECKHARDT and 7YRDS Deconservice. What are the advantages of having your workwear cleaned and, if necessary, decontaminated at Weeze Airport?

As part of the 7YRDS Group, 7YRDS Deconservice is a strong, regional partner. Wherever possible, we focus on regionality, flexibility and direct contact. Last but not least, the performance must also be right. The application of the modern CO2 (LCO2) cleaning process and the professional handling of the entire process convinced us. The existing certifications additionally complement the important personal impression.


From which working areas of the airport are clothes cleaned at Textilreinigung ECKHARDT and 7YRDS DECONSERVICE?

Cleaning is performed for the workwear of our airport firefighters.


What is the process for workwear to be cleaned in terms of logistics and the time it remains with the service provider?

The garments to be cleaned are sorted by our team into provided transport containers and registered for collection. Within two days after collection, we will receive the cleaned work clothes back.


Do you have feedback from your staff regarding cleaning performance or do they recognize benefits over the previous process and results?

The feedback from colleagues in the airport fire department has been consistently positive.

In addition to the fast and reliable coordination of the cleaning requests, the quick return and the impeccable cleaning performance should be mentioned. Special mention should also be made of the carefully conducted inspection of each part of the PPE for damage or other defects.


Did the fact that this service provider uses self-produced green electricity from photovoltaic systems throughout its operations influence your decision to outsource the cleaning of airport employees' workwear to this service provider?

Climate and environmental protection are two of the predominant issues for all of us in the coming years. From our point of view, every single improvement step is valuable and correct. Therefore, the exclusive use of green electricity from our own plants has influenced the decision to choose 7YRDS Deconservice in any case.


Have protective clothing cleaned effectively now and benefit from the highest cleaning standards.


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