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Effective cleaning and maintenance of protective equipment

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The decontamination professionals
Effective cleaning and maintenance of protective equipment


About 7YRDS Deconservice


Our expertise

7YRDS Deconservice is the first and largest German pure decontamination center for cleaning and maintenance of personal protective equipment. Whether protective suits, helmets, gloves, boots or respirators – our cleaning procedures and maintenance processes meet the highest cleanliness standards as well as all regulations and requirements, such as those of the GefStoffV.

Our mission

A look at current practice in Germany clearly shows that the legal standards have not yet been met by using conventional cleaning methods.

However, sanctions were often not imposed. 7YRDS Deconservice offers workers sustainable effective protection through cleaning procedures that comply with the law. At the same time, we also protect the environment.

Legal basis

There is also a legal framework for task forces. The legal framework is mandatory for municipalities that maintain professional fire departments and volunteer fire departments, just as it is for operators of company fire departments. The protection of firefighters is always in the foreground and must be comprehensively ensured. Violations of the statutory duties to protect can have serious consequences.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act applies to the firefighters of professional and plant fire departments. It comprehensively obligates fire department operators to prevent work-related accidents and health hazards. The LCO2 washing process has a special significance in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Below is all further information on the legal basis, including download.



Optimal cleaning is the best prevention

7YRDS Deconservice offers a comprehensive, all-around service for the inspection, cleaning and repair of protective clothing for emergency personnel. Purity, reliability and adherence to deadlines are our top priorities. Our specially trained employees professionally inspect and clean your protective equipment, in close cooperation with leading protective clothing manufacturers.

The result will convince you. The protective equipment we clean complies with all legally regulated pollutant limits of the GefStoffV, the REACH regulation and other legal requirements.

Our guaranteed service promise

  1. Decontamination of all pollutants below legal limits

  2. Gentle washing processes with as little material wear as possible

  3. Re-impregnation according to EN 469

  4. Testing for operational capability in accordance with DGUV 205 – 035 (Annex 2)

  5. Use of 100% self-produced green electricity at the site

  6. Overall process certified to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management)


Our wide range of services
leaves nothing to be desired


1. Transport

Collection of PPE from the customer
on site / at the station.


2. Test

Checking the PPE for damage
and forgotten objects.


3. Prewash

Depending on the degree of contamination
Pretreatment and prewashing in wet
cleaning methods.


4. Decontamination

Material-friendly scrubbing with liquid CO2 (LCO2) to dissolve out all substances hazardous to health to a level below the legal limits.



Impregnation according to EN 469.


6. Repair

Repair of damaged clothing
(with manufacturer's certificate) according to legal


7. Proof of performance

Testing the functionality of the
Operational clothing (incl. reflective strips) and documentation of the services performed in the lifecycle management system.


8. Return transport

Return shipment to the customer.

Researched by Nasa

LCO2 technology as a washing technique was first researched and used by NASA. It was originally used to decontaminate astronaut equipment after missions in space using liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2).




proven, environmentally friendly, economical

When it comes to selecting effective cleaning processes to meet regulatory requirements for firefighters' PPE, only LCO2 technology represents the applicable state of the art. The technology was originally developed by NASA to decontaminate protective suits and equipment after use in space. The cleaning process used by 7YRDS Deconservice also uses carbon dioxide in its liquid phase as a solvent. For this purpose, it is compressed and liquefied under a pressure of up to 50 bar.

effective and gentle on the material

Compressed carbon dioxide has a high dissolving power. LCO2 is non-polar, with low density and low viscosity. It penetrates through the membrane of the protective equipment without damaging the material. This makes the process far more effective than all previous water-based cleaning methods, which cannot penetrate the membrane.

compliance with legal requirements

The LCO2 technology used by 7YRDS Deconservice thus rids the PPE of all chemical, physical and biological hazardous substances. This means that all legally regulated pollutant limits of the GefStoffV, the REACH regulation and other legal requirements are fully complied with.


With liquid CO2 (LCO2), clothing contaminated by pollutants is cleaned much more effectively than with all other water-based cleaning processes. So ultimately guarantees only the LCO2 washing process ensures compliance with the statutory pollutant limits. Our all-round service takes all the work off your hands.


At the end of the cleaning process with LCO2 only the pollutants removed from the PPE are disposed of properly. The liquid CO2 is fed back into the purification cycle. By using 7YRDS' own produced green electricity at the site, the 7YRDS Deconservice cleaning process is the most environmentally friendly in Europe.


The temperature during the LCO2 purification process is constantly about 15 degrees Celsius. Our material-friendly processes ensure the lowest possible mechanical stress on the PPE to be cleaned. Thus, the cleaning technology used by 7YRDS Deconservice guarantees maximum longevity and investment security of your personal protective equipment.




Protective clothing as a carrier and long-term reservoir of infections and pollutants

Protective clothing is designed to protect employees from infections and harmful substances. It is a central component of numerous occupational safety regulations and hygiene measures. In the field, clothing is regularly contaminated with harmful substances. Depending on the area of use, there are different regulations for the preparation (cleaning) and maintenance of personal protective clothing and also, more widely, of all protective equipment. The cleaning of protective equipment contaminated with harmful substances is referred to as decontamination.

Decontamination is the removal of one or more hazardous substances (for example, carcinogens or mutagens) from a surface and, if already penetrated, also from the underlying layers. Cleaning of the protective equipment must be carried out in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and in compliance with the manufacturer-specific certifications.

7YRDS Deconservice specializes in cleaning and deep decontamination of personal protective equipment and guarantees compliance with regulatory requirements and manufacturer-specific certifications.



Emergency personnel in the fire department have an increased risk of developing cancer. Your protective clothing keeps harmful substances out to a certain extent, but conventional cleaning causes residues of these hazardous substances to accumulate in the clothing. Thanks to 7YRDS Deconservice's liquid CO2 cleaning technology, the protective equipment is effectively decontaminated in a way that is gentle on the material and reduces all hazardous substances to a level below the detection limit. This clearly fulfills all legal cleaning requirements.


Police and Military

Police officers are exposed to a wide variety of hazards and weather conditions and require special protection in the form of their personal protective equipment. In terms of health, this very protective equipment itself can become a risk. Thus, for example regularly deposits gunpowder residues in protective vests. These potentially potent carcinogenic residues can be removed to below detection levels without compromising the functionality of the protective equipment using the innovative liquid CO2 cleaning technology employed by 7YRDS Deconservice.



Everyday work in the medical sector poses special challenges for protective clothing, which protects employees from infections and is an elementary part of hygiene regulations. 7YRDS Deconservice's innovative liquid CO2cleaning technology effectively removes all biological, chemical and physical hazardous materials from protective clothing in an environmentally friendly manner. It also ensures the elimination of mold, sweat, chemical particles and the destruction of pathogens (such as bacteria and viruses) and other microorganisms like no other washing process. Our washing process thus meets all legal hygiene requirements.



Personal protective equipment also performs numerous functions for security forces. For example, according to EN ISO 20471, the warning function of protective equipment through high visibility has been mandatory since 2013. Dirt or damage will greatly reduce the necessary visibility of the protective clothing. 7YRDS Deconservice, through the use of innovative cleaning technology with liquid CO2, ensures extremely gentle cleaning of protective equipment for optimal preservation of protective functions.

our references


Training Base Weeze

Training Base Weeze GmbH & Co. KG operates Europe's largest interdisciplinary training center for fire, police, military and rescue forces on the grounds of Airport Weeze in North Rhine-Westphalia. With more than 100 fire scenarios and more than 25,000 training participants annually, safety is the top priority for training participants.

Maximum exposure to pollutants

Training Base Weeze has about 30 employees in the training area who are exposed to fumes on a daily basis. The exercise spectrum ranges from wood-fired fire training systems to gas-fueled scenarios to liquid fires, e.g. on aircraft engines.

Compliant with the law

Safety is crucial. Following the legal requirements, Training Base Weeze has decided to have all protective equipment (whether for its own employees or for rental to customers) decontaminated by 7YRDS Deconservice from September 2022. The Training Base Weeze is sure that with the cleaning of all protective equipment by the 7YRDS Deconservice and the innovative applied LCO2 washing process, the risks of "fire cancer" are minimized and, in addition, a noticeable contribution to environmental protection is made.


In the background, almost invisible, lurks always the life-threatening danger for emergency forces. Our interview with Thomas Mock, authorized signatory at Training Base Weeze, shows the need for decontamination of protective clothing.


"Legally compliant, on-time and resource-saving cleaning – even of extremely contaminated clothing – it doesn't get any better than this."

Thomas Mock,
Sales ARFF, DACHL, Training Base Weeze GmbH & Co. KG


"The fire cancer occupies a high place in the working world of fire departments. We are pleased that we have found a partner in the 7YRDS Deconservice that enables unencumbered work."

Dr. Sebastian Papst,
Managing Director, Airport Weeze, Flughafen Niederrhein GmbH


"Decontamination – using liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) – with a decontamination effect of nearly 99% is particularly recommended."

Udo Hermann,
Cologne Bonn Airport Fire Department


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